The beauty of authenticity

Hello beautiful creative minds!

It is a no brainier that most of us want to be recognized for our talents, hard work and creative abilities. We all follow a certain system in which we try to copy or out do what worked for another artist in hopes of “making it” just as big as them one day. We run around senselessly trying to please our target audience, investors, promoters, producers and compete against our fellow creators just so we can….. just so we can prove it to them that we are “IT”! That they won’t regret choosing us out of the rest of the talent filled ocean that surrounds us. The thought of us being successful gives us a sense of security, not only do we stand to make money (not much when you break it down, unless you’re Celine Dion, Beyonce or Rihana), we get to do what we always wanted to do because it has been our life long dream. We wear ourselves thin just so we can gain that credibility from some “big shot” dude and industry to recognize us and put us on the map. We accept to make all these alterations with ourselves  just to please these people. Saddened and frustrated we try to convince ourselves its ok by saying ” ya I’ll make some shitty art for a little while, but then, THEN I will get enough people who follow and believe in me and they will all appreciate my real stuff”.

This patterned belief has tainted our creative freedom, almost discouraging us from running away from all these believed “great opportunities” and do something on our own for once. From my observation, artists, particularly in today’s world, aim for what’s in it for the now and future. Rather than remaining true to what they have always liked and build their sound surrounding that, they choose to do whatever is hot, trending and current. As an artist myself I always see myself as growing and morphing into new things.  Playing with new sounds and images all the time is a part of my growth. I am not putting down trying out new things, or exploring with new sounds that interest you. I just feel like some music nowadays begin to follow a new trend and then the same sounds explode onto all the big name artist and us smaller league artist try to copy and follow. It’s hard to actually question why you like certain things and why you don’t. Trust me I have done things and looked back and asked myself what on earth I was thinking when I did it. Finding yourself is always a challenge, it pushes you to not be afraid and to get a little uncomfortable with trying new things that may not always catch your attention at first.

I don’t want this blog to start sounding like a “fuck the industry, politics and society” type of blog, but I do want to bring light to the mess ups we do to ourselves and our art, because of the expectation a lot of people put on artists. This took me a while to see. I always found myself unhappy about the circumstance with me and my music. It was a constant power battle because I always let people make me feel like I wasn’t good enough.  Yes, so many people have their opinions of how one must work in order to become successful. If you can’t follow this formula…well… your not making it in their books! I allowed myself to get so swallowed up by this, making myself believe that I am not worthy, I am not talented and I am a slacker with poor work ethic. This truly ruined me and is absolutely TOXIC for everyone. Allowing yourself to believe half the nonsense people tell you is real, can lead to stress, anxiety and depression. I swear! STOP BELIEVING ALL OF IT! I have not released any music for almost 2 years, I haven’t done a show in 6 months and from the looks of it, it seems like I have completely fallen out of the music scene. Actually it has been the complete opposite. I have been working on music, working on creating my own sound, image and identity. This takes up a lot of time because no one but myself and the amazing people around helping me will  do it for me. I have learned how to manage my insecurities to become a better person and artist.

My point that I am making is nothing new, it has been a well known fact that authenticity and individualism is beautiful and unique. It is what separates ourselves from others and makes us more appreciated, less forgotten. The industry has made huge and I mean HUGE changes in the way that it functions. Artists stand to gain way more independence and can have pretty successful careers without any industry backing them up. So lets take advantage of this amazing chance and become interdependent with ourselves and our art. Stop depending on people or a system, that is the last thing you want to be doing with your talent. Who says you can’t be successful without doing things on your agenda?

Just keep believing in what you have to offer and keep pushing, there is a place out there for everyone to share. The internet is a big place!

Lots of love!

Jessica xox


My experience working with producers and people in the music industry.

Hey everyone!

I have decided that it is time to finally start sharing my personal experiences with music. First off, I would like to start by saying that regardless of all the hardships and horrendous moments I have endured throughout all my experiences, I would not have changed it for the world. Sometimes, it is the hardest moments that truly test your drive, determination and devotion for what you want to become. With this said, I am here to remind you that everyone is entitled to have their limits and should NEVER feel shameful or fearful of using them when they have had enough. Remember, having your limits does NOT make you limited or change who you are as an artist or person. Being aware of your limits actually makes you in control and at peace with yourself in knowing where you stand, and putting others aware of it to. So don’t ever be afraid to stand your ground!!!

I, like many others, still work on not getting myself caught up in the “I feel guilty because…..” or “If I say no they will think I’m lazy and not dedicated”, ” If I don’t do this no one will ever book me for anything”. I know that for anyone who is trying to make a name for themselves in any industry, they often end up doubting or measuring everything they do or do not do in comparison to others. By doing so, we instill the living fear in ourselves which feeds into our doubts, making us weaker and claustrophobic with our own creative ideas. Most of us will continue doing things for free or we might do things we don’t necessarily like because of exposure or fear of getting a bad reputation or missing out on an opportunity if we don’t say yes. The pressure to always perform and make everyone happy is so hard and exhausting, most of us don’t even realize it. This “pressure” to impress others is actually a distraction, it distracts us from looking within ourselves and having honest talks with ourselves on how we really feel internally. Pleasing others is easier then having to deal with our own emotional work because it provides us with somewhat of a superficial sense of accomplishment. Lets face it, its not easy to tell ourselves that we are too preoccupied with other nonsense like trying to impress others. Therefore, we constantly search for things to latch onto in order to show that we care and are working hard in the “outside” world with hopes of gaining approval and recognition from OTHERS, but not with OURSELVES. Yes it is a lot to swallow all in one read but I have come to many conclusions about this in my life and this theory I finally jive with.

It’s awful. How dare we just work so hard and yet still manage to feel threatened by our own selfless insecurities. This is something I struggled with and up until recently, I told myself that it is ENOUGH with this stupid nonsense and I cannot get caught up with guilt or shame any longer. As an artist or anyone who is passionate about something, we often fall neatly into the category of vulnerability. I absolutely love being able to feel vulnerable because it allows me to connect with myself and others, and in return helps me so much with the music I create. Vulnerability is a powerful and amazing tool should one use it wisely. We must not, however, mistaken or replace vulnerability with feelings of shame and guilt, this will only damage anything we wish to achieve.

I’m saying all this because I obviously have a personal story to share, so enough with that and here it is. My sister and I have been actively involved in music for roughly 5-6 years now. Yes like any other artist we have been trying to make a name for ourselves. Through countless collaborations with indie to established producers, we have learned so much about the ins and outs of the music industry and I am very grateful for that. I would just like to clarify that music and industry are two very DIFFERENT things. It is very important to differentiate the two because it can totally discourage anyone from continuing to even play their instrument once they have faced some of the harshness the “industry” has to offer!

Anywho moving on, about two years back my sister and I had the opportunity to work with two major record labels. We recorded in huge and I mean HUGE recording studios which where the likes of  Rihanna and Miley Cyrus just to name a few. We even worked in Celine Dion’s exclusive studio right here in Montreal! WOW, what a trip!!! This was just amazing for us because it really got us to learn and develop our musical skills, as well as overcoming our fears in the studio. Although this was one of my most memorable moments in music, it was also my darkest and hardest moments. Being younger and still learning, I always questioned myself and how “good” or talented I was. I was and still sometimes am insecure about my competence with anything I do! Well this certainly did not work in my favor. One night, my sister and I where scheduled to record a song with a producer who made himself out to be the ultimate “shit”!!! :|. For anyone who is a musician knows that there are a lot of those out there, ugh anyways….. We had numerous talks on the phone about the song and how it had to be sung and how it had to be perfect and blah blah blah. My sister and I decided that we had to try something like this because we could not miss out on a “great” opportunity. Knowing that this song was not necessarily our style, we gave it a shot regardless and listened to the direction that was being force fed to us. At first this project was all positive and very hopeful, with many players in the project, everyone wanted it to be successful. After weeks and weeks of preparation, this project was starting to turn into an absolute TORTURE!!! I was incredibly stressed and it was just not fun anymore. I had completely lost my confidence and felt depleted before I even got to the studio. The producer had been harassing my sister and I by calling us at 1, 2, 3 am in the morning making me sing the song over and over and over again until he thought it was perfect and ready to go. Of course I sucked, of course I failed, there was so much pressure for me to make someone else happy and I lost myself completely along the way. I never even questioned how I felt about the song or my singing, it was only about what he thought. Where did all my dignity go? I honestly felt like a demo artist!

Once we got to the studio and the R button was on, I couldn’t do it. I was not myself anymore and everything  my amazing mentors/ teachers ever taught me about singing just left me. Words literally did not even come out of my mouth and when it did, I sounded like a timid 5 year old child that never took one singing lesson in her life! I was so discouraged. Here I was in the huge recording studio around professionals investing their time and money in this project and I could not even say a single word. It was as if I had stage fright, only it was in the studio. All I kept on saying to myself was “omg Jess, what on earth is happening to you, omg Jess what are you doing”. I took breaks, I left the room I drank a shit load of tea, My sister tried talking to me, everyone there tried to help me out of this funk, but still nothing helped! I was shaky, crying and I just freaked out. Nothing got accomplished that night. It was a huge fail and of course I placed the blame all on me. It wasn’t until months later that I realized how much other people and the way they carry themselves deeply affect me. My sister tried to make me realize what was happening during that difficult time but of course that did not register.  What I am trying to say is not that we need to find excuses and blame others for our mishaps, most definably not! What I am saying is that not EVERYTHING is entirely our fault when things happen. It important to say ok so I messed up, yes I know that I got too caught up in something but you know what? Let’s look at reasons and factors on why I did, work towards something positive so I can change it and forget about always dwelling on the negative!!

With all this self reflection, I discovered that the reason I got so discouraged before I even started singing that night was because that producer who had been harassing me for weeks was there and he was not exactly positive. There was an expectation of how the song should be sung that was not exactly my style, leaving me with absolutely no artistic direction whatsoever, and of course the fact that I was young and not knowledgeable enough to channel my vulnerability in a positive and productive way, instead I let it eat in up and bring me down through sham and guilt. I was in a small box with almost none of me to work with, but everyone else’s ideas to manage in my head.

Despite the fact that a week later, we went back to the studio and successfully recorded the song. I learned more from the struggle I had to go through that night, learning about my own self doubts and insecurities, than being happy with the successfully finishing of the track.

So here is to being honest with yourself and what YOU want out of life, not what others expect from you! Here is to being OK with making mistakes and it making it a better YOU, not apologizing to others and feeling shameful or regretful. This lesson I am still learning each day. With every person I talk to, and every battle I conquer, I know that it is only making a better, stronger me.

Thanks for reading this, I hope this helps anyone who needs reassurance in knowing that being themselves is way more important then pleasing others.

Until next post,

lots of love and encouragment

Jessica Taddio 🙂

When One Door Closes Another Opens: How I got to sing at the Bell Center,

Hello everyone

I know its been long since I wrote my other blog, but I’m back to blogging (hopefully without too many breaks)! Routine sometimes has its way of taking over almost everything you wish to achieve. I find that everyday activity,  generally exhausts us and works us down to the bone, leaving us tired, cranky, and unmotivated to do anything else once the day is done. Depending on peoples life styles, some get emotionally and intellectually fatigued, while others get physically fatigued, or some get all three! In my opinion, I think that a modern day typical person is stuck with all three. We as a society tend to be incredibly skilled at splitting ourselves into five different occupations. From chasing our dreams, to being a student, to being a working professional, a good friend, girlfriend and family member, our minds, bodies and soul can never fully take a clean break from the “reality” in which we live in.This may lead to feelings of depletion and discouragement which evidently affects how hard we continue to work on our personal aspirations.

I once was so in denial of this fact, I always made myself believe that you can work on anything you want and be 100% perfect at it. Well the truth is that it is actually IMPOSSIBLE!!! Sadly, We cannot give 100% to five different things all at once without a few of them being neglected or tossed to the side. Which is why I would like to dedicate this blog to not getting discouraged when a door… or a few doors close on your face. This I assure you is a familiar feeling to me but I try not to be such a dweller and always continue to be positive and productive. I would like to go back into time and tell you a story of an eighteen year old me. It was my first year of  college when my dad informed me about auditions that were being held at the Bell Center. The audition was for a replacement National Anthem Singer. When I heard of this I was just ecstatic and wanted to go so badly.images

I learned the American & French/Canadian national anthems while studying and completing mountains of  homework AND working a part time job! I was a busy girl. However I was determined and eager to audition. It was one of my biggest dreams, not to sing national anthems per se, but to preform at the Bell Center. So I got myself mentally and vocally prepared and practiced non stop. It was finally the day of the auditions and I felt ready to tackle it down. I walked into the waiting room filled with people. My name was called and it was my time to give it my absolute ALL. Although I tried my hardest, the best of me did not come out. I was not used to singing on ice and in cold temperatures, I was not perfect on my time frame so my anthems dragged on for too long and I had a very annoying cold (obviously I had to get a cold…grrr). I was very upset with myself because I knew that my performance was really not strong enough to even be considered. As the audition wrapped up the man who was conducting the auditions took me aside and told me that I actually was not “bad” at all, and he told me about what I should work on. I carefully listened to his advice and was just happy that he took the time to give me some pointers. After we spoke I left with some hope even though I knew I was not satisfied with my performance.

A week passed and I had not heard back from them, so I figured that I  did not get the job. I was okay with that and did not let it get me down even though I put in a lot of effort. Three days later I received a call from the man at the auditions, my heart skipped a few beats. He called to tell me two things 1) that I did not get the job for the replacement singer, and 2) that he thought I had talent and wanted me to gain more experience. He recommended that I would get my practice by singing at the Junior Major hockey games. This would help me work on all the issues I seemed to be running into at the audition and just gain more confidence overall. He provided me with the audition details and strongly recommended that I go. I was really grateful that this person took the time out of his day to help me out. People helping others makes me have faith in so many things,  and it is one of the most rewarding and motivating things one can do for somebody.

Anywho, I found myself excited once again. I wanted to gain that experience and exposure because I knew it was what I needed in order to flourish and grow as a performer. Lucky I did very well (if I may say so myself) for the audition and was called to sing for many Junior hockey league games. I was happy because deep down inside I knew that I needed this, I knew that I was not at all ready to tackle the Bell Center just yet. For roughly two years of singing at the Junior Major hockey games, another very helpful and great person who has seen me grow put me into contact with a person at the Bell Center. He had told me that they where looking for new singers to sing at other sporting events. I felt like I was stronger, better and ready to audition this time around. With maturity, confidence and poise, I auditioned once again for this chance… And with hard work and determination I FINALLY got called to sing at the NBA game with roughly 27,000 people in attendance. No wjess bc 2_nords could have described the feeling I had once I received that call. I knew that I had to be patient and continue to work on my problem areas. I knew that I was NOT at all ready to sing in a venue of 27,000 people. But I also knew that the time would have come because I kept working hard staying positive and passionate about the things that I wished for. One door closed for me… but another one opened. After the first time singing I was fortunate enough to be called back to perform five more times. I now feel so confident and proud that I did not let myself fall down and crumble after a rejection. I was honest with myself, instead of crumbling I worked hard and never gave up. Some people are naturally gifted at things and will be better than you because they just are. I am very much aware that I am not a naturally born phenominal singer, gifted with perfect rhythm and pitch. I know that the reason I achieved the things that I did came from hard work and devotion. No matter how difficult the industry is at times, the moment you start to push & prove yourself, people will recognize that and give you chances. That’s why its important to show that you care and are willing to give it your absolute all.

That’s really the point of this blog, always give it your best and don’t bother getting let down because it will only hinder your triumphs and crush your dreams! Move forward

Until next time 🙂

Lot of love & support

Jessica xox

jess bell center74_n

P.s here is a link to my very first performance, I was nervous and still learning, but it was one of the best moments of my life 🙂

Importance of taking breaks.

Hey everyone!!!

I’m sorry I have not been posting for a while. I have been caught up with a few things, But I’m here and happy to be back on my lovely WordPress account.  I often think about what my next post should be about. What should I tell people about myself and the experiences I had with life & music? How far should I go with the inspiration talk? How much is too much? Am I annoying? What next steps should I share about my music? Over thinking can be quite draining and by the end of the day I’m exhausted with thoughts, ideas, new theories, planning – the works! I wonder…this kind of thought process can get pretty hectic, therefore inevitably taking a HUGE toll on your creativity and productivity.Image

I’m the first to admit that I am the BIGGEST creature of habit (I know how totally UN rock star of me). I’m sooooooo sooooo in love with my routine, it’s almost beyond the obsessive level. My family, friends and loved ones do remind me to live a little and rightfully so, I need to allow myself to chill every now and then. For the most part  I do not drink alcohol or smoke ever, I love to go to bed early 11:00pm-12:00am latest, wake up early sometimes 6:30am but usually between 7:00-8:00am, latest 9am. I go downstairs make myself a delicious & nutritious juice with fruits and veggies followed with a cup of black coffee and maybe if I’m still hungry I’ll have a banana. After I have digested, I get my workout gear on so that I can work out for 1 and a half to 2 hours. After my workout, I jump in the shower, get some homework done and depending on what’s on the agenda for music I might tackle either the studio, practice time, vocal training or writing). I do whatever is the priority.

I have changed quite a bit from where I was just a year ago mentally and spiritually. I truly respect my life style with all my heart and find that it has given me clarity, concentration and peace. It is very easy to get consumed by life and the stresses it gives you that we almost forget to breath. I see this behaviour ALL around me! People not allowing themselves to live for themselves but for whoever they are working for. Some are not achieving their goals because some assignment is in the way (due to procrastination or over loaded work!) so they push their dreams to the side. Some are focused on making instant ca$h or their parents happy. This makes me kinda sad because I just wish people could give themselves a chance in being daring, taking risks, living the life they have always imagined. I believe that if you don’t ever allow yourself to do these types of things then you may always live in regret in something that MIGHT have been a possibility if you tried. That is just awful, I would NEVER be able to live with myself if I constantly suppressed my number one burning desire to make music. Despite all my let downs and triumphs, I still tell myself to push forward because I’m not done pushing yet, only I know when that time will come no one else! With this said, many people are very pleased with how they are living their lives and keeping their talents as their hobbies and that is totally fine! As long as they feel like they are not damaging their ideas or walking away from what gives them the most joy.

Regardless of what path you choose in life, it is crucial to REMEMBER & UNDERSTAND one thing, BREAKS! With serious lessons learned, I have realized that taking breaks are extremely important in ones’ development. Denying yourself a break is like denying yourself water, it’s that important! I know that “focus mode” can be hard to break out of, but one day it will catch up to you and you will have a serious break down :(. The last thing you want is to be working on something you love and then slowly hating it because you won’t give yourself a break. You need to be real with yourself and admit when you’re tired, when you have had enough, when you’re hurt and frustrated. Addressing these emotions will slowly help you realize that it’s break time and you need to CHILL right now, not tomorrow NOW. A break duration is different for everyone, for me personally a week is the max, but honestly after a day or two I am already getting fed up! Everybody’s work load and schedules are different. I’m sure Beyonce can only take a break once or twice a year because she is touring but it is not fair to compare yourself to others who are in a different league with different deadlines and expectations.

I will tell you one story of how not taking a break back fired on me. The summer of 2011 my sister and I had the great opportunity of performing for Italian week (for those of you who are not familiar with this it is a big event for all Montrealers  to gather around and have a blast in Little Italy). Sara (my beloved twin sis) and I were scheduled to perform on the big stage (which was awesome) with roughly 6,000- 10,00 people trafficking around the venue to watch and hear. Wow – was I ever excited, we got a band full of seasoned musicians together and started to work on songs. As a band we had some concerns with music arrangements and song choices. We practiced A LOT especially towards the end, when I should have been resting my voice. I totally decided to skip that step and practiced my guts out anyways because it was two days before the show and I did not feel “ready”. WELL guess what happened to me? I got a wonderful rude awaken the morning of the show with NO VOICE AT ALL!!! I didn’t have a cold, oh no, I just ignored my breaks at all cost and got the worst result ever, no voice. I had to think quick, first I went straight down stairs and cried in my mother’s arms, then I was pissed at everyone including myself, and THEN I told everyone they where not allowed talking to me until sound check. The stress was not even describable, at first I was on this whole pity party trip like “Omg out of all things, this has to happen to ME – RIGHT NOW… Blah blah blah wahn wahn wahn”. Finally I came down to my good senses and said    “Jess this is totally your fault, no one else but yours”. Even the band members told me I needed to take it easy but no I didn’t! Ok so I messed up, it happens, I was angry with myself for a loooonnngg time but I finally started to learn how to get OVER things and just take what you’ve learned from that lesson!  The most  IMPORTANT thing is that you can look back and move on. Taking a break is not a sign of failure or weakness, taking a break shows a sense of maturity, intelligence and dedication. I know it’s not easy to just say “Ok I have to stop for a little so I can reenergizes”, but if you don’t then you cant ever grow and that creativity will run dry. There is no harm in giving your body and creativity what it needs. Room to grow, relax and breath!This is just one more example of how I taught myself to live, dream and think REAL. So that’s it for this post, cant wait to write some more. I found this great article to give a more scientific explanation behind breaks and how the brain works. It’s a great article and if you are interested you should definitely take a look 🙂

Bye bye for now.

Lot’s of love and support,

Jessica Taddio




Hello hello

Today I would like to talk about success. This is a very big and sometimes confusing topic! Over the years I never really knew much about success because I’ve always viewed success as black and white. If people are famous, they have either reached their goals to stardom, or are somehow connected or really determined (awesome for them!). If for example, someone was  rich, it would be fair to assume that they are great entrepreneurs, businesses savvy or they inherited good wealth. If they are highly educated and have outstanding grades, they are most likely really smart. Because of course, with out these classifications no one can ever amount to anything right? Although these are accurate perceptions, they are not necessarily accountable for everybody’s success.

gandhiMany times, it takes that one person to think and live out of the box in order for people to understand and follow. Gandhi was one of the first political leaders to prove this when he decided to turn to kindness and compassion, instead of war and weapons. These people are what I call innovators. Without innovators no one will ever feel that burning desire for success and creativity. Without people who break norms, stereotypes and rules; no one would question societies sometimes-suffocated expectations that imposes so many of us.  I would like to tell you how I grew out of my “success only happens if your lucky, fortunate or connected” attitude. I am not ignoring the above mentioned factors because yes, somewhere along the line people have gained success based on them.  I’d rather leave them on the back burner because I believe that they are irrelevant to anyone who wishes to succeed!

50554_194511364520_6903753_n1) The number one thing I realized about success (which I work on everyday) is that I must focus on my GOAL vs need & greed. This is a very big problem particularly among the young crowd. Sadly like I mentioned on my last post, a lot of young people are focused on too many irrelevant things like fame and gossip to name a few. Although I must say I was never too preoccupied with the whole reality fame, paparazzi frenzy life style, everybody knows how much I loooooove my divas.Whitney-Houston-Bodyguard

celine dion - live in las vegas  a new day

So yes, I wanted to become a big haired, glamorous luscious diva, a very nice and tasteful diva of course :). Here’s the thing, there isn’t anything wrong with aspiring to become like someone that you admire and look up to. As a matter of fact, you can be anything you want, fame hog and all, as long as you work towards it smartly and respectfully because I believe that fame does not necessarily need to be a bad thing if one uses it wisely.

Enough about “fame” and back to me wanting to be a diva. I always had a desire to sing and the moment I saw others do it I felt something inside of me that said “I feel what that person is going through and I NEED to be doing the same thing”. That feeling is so powerful and influential and I believe it has the power to turn dreamers into Duracell hard working batteries working endlessly towards their dream. It starts with a dream but the important part is to not get caught up on what it may or may never give you. Thankfully for myself I knew quickly that a good work ethic was KEY to success. This saved me the trouble of selling myself short and hoping to gain attention the not so ideal route Eg; nudity, other stupidities or things that did not represent JESSICA. Instead, I got my ass to work and constantly worked on getting better in every way vocally, spiritually, mentally, physically – name it I worked it. I was on the hunt for experience,and exposure based on my talent and art (music & training). This got me to some pretty awesome places locally and nationally. It got me thinking, “wow what’s the harm in trying to work on something you love when it’s all made out of love and passion?” People need to move towards their goals with a clear cut objective – leave the “want” out of it!!!

2) The second thing I immediately WIPED out was: what my peers/ fellow musicians on my level where doing. Although it is always healthy and important to support your fellow peers, it is important to not feel compelled to compete with them and get bogged down by envy or bitterness over their achievements. All artist have something different to say which is why I prefer to stay away from other peoples vision. I find that many times people feel the need to compete but that just results in imitation. By doing that all you are doing is giving a weaker bleaker image of what you are. This will only stall you, you just need to remind yourself that your time will come. Yes I know what you’re thinking; does this girl think she’s God with all this transcendence talk? No – I am only preaching because I genuinely feel like it is unhealthy for anyone who is trying their hardest to live a positive and successful life. Jealously is not what makes you want things more, jealousy is what makes you want things for the wrong reason, it is not derived from a genuine place in someone’s heart. I believe that this trait  is damaging to someone and can hinder many friendships in the long run so CUT IT OUT!


 3) I taught myself  how to STOP being a freaking dweller and hard on myself. This is important and will literally get you from point A to point B! The moment you start cutting out all that guilt and unnecessary stress in your life is when you will start to live in peace and harmony with yourself and the decisions you made in life. I was and sometimes still am that type of person who would always think, “but what if I worked with that producer? What if I made that kind of music and sung those songs? What if that record deal did work? Where would I be”? WHO CARES! It didn’t happen and you where probably better off anyways! Instead, I’ve decided to be grateful with the opportunities I had and moved forward because I learned a lot from them. Guilt will also cause you to second guess your self.

This leads me to step number:

4) Never second-guess or jeopardize your groove (confidence). I’ve come to realize that in life, you can not get anywhere in this huge pool of talent without speaking and believing loud and clear in what you are all about! Everyone knows it, everyone says it and I’m sorry if this is going to get a little cheesy right now but believing in yourself is key! You need to be your # 1 supporter, groupie, crush, fan and CEO because it is up to you to be in charge. Take charge!

Throughout my learning I have implemented this mentality when it comes to success; success can be long, frustrating tedious and hard! Imagine that all you ever wanted was long nails, not too hard right? Well if you were to watch your nails for hours every day waiting patiently to see them grow because everyone else has long nails – eventually you will start to get fed up. You most likely will resort to biting them off because you gave up and  you might go buy some fake nails and they won’t look as nice. Instead of impatiently waiting for the “want” you decide that you will try something different. You will take action. Instead of waiting, you decide that you will  buy yourself nail refurbishment like Biotin or Nutricaps and finally you will stop giving up! Before you know it, two weeks go by and BAM your nails are long, healthy, stronger than ever and here to stay! That’s how I measure success, with patience, time and effort! That’s it for now everyone! Until next time keep dreamin’ real 🙂

Lots of love and support

Jessica Taddio

546954_3958271116039_1744504940_nJust keeping it real

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Hows that for your morning coffee mind set? Will bring this with me for every morning mantra! 🙂

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Hello everyone!

First I would like to express how happy I am to finally come out of my shell and share my stories, experiences, tips and love for music with everyone. This truly means a lot to me because as an artist and person I have learned, grown, made mistakes and started OVER so many times. This blog is a place where I wish to talk in detail about these endeavors and explain how I got there, why I got lost and how I picked my self up and continued to tell myself to KEEP GOING! But…Before I get to all the good & sappy stuff, I must talk about the spark that struck the vocal chords.

I would say my love for music developed in many ways. Of course my mom says it started in the womb because she always placed earphones on her belly to make us (yes I am a twin) dance in there. My dad says that it runs in the family (since he plays guitar). According to me, music hit me when I heard Mariah Carry’s  1993 “music box” album for the first time, I’ve never looked back since.  I was probably no younger then 10 and I was stuck in a trance and could not get out! I was hooked to my walkman like an IV,  constantly listening to “Dream lover”, “Hero” and “I cant live without you”!

At around the same age, my sister enrolled in music school for piano lessons. This forced my dad to finally take my  obsessive hobby to the next level. YAY for me I got my first singing lesson and it was AWESOME! She taught me all kinds of interesting breathing techniques, vocal warm ups and the importance of posture. I was just so happy and could not wait until the week was over to go back and learn more.

I felt like I finally  found my niche, I was never a “soccer girl” or a sporty girl at all (unless I was playing sporty spice of course), so for me I was finally doing something rewarding and was not bad at. I am a strong believer that music has the capability to free anyone from any pain or emotional distress they are dealing with. Like many kids growing up, I was very shy, nervous and well, kind of a mess. Singing was that thing that helped me get my groove on (by this I mean confidence)! I have taken it  upon myself to inspire and get inspired! I love to hear peoples stories and it is my pleasure to tell mine! I hope that this blog does exactly that — INSPIRE:)!

Love always,

Jessica xox

What does “Dream Real Jess” even mean?

Hello Beautiful people!

Now that I’ve let you in and you know a bit about myself and my musical calling, I feel that it is important to explain the meaning behind the name of my blog “dreamrealjess“. Let’s face it, everybody wants to excel at something right? We all want to be known for being good at this or that. We hear it all the time “If you need a great doctor you have to go to mine”, “need a good hair dresser? you need to try my friend”. Doesn’t it feel good to know that people believe in you so much so that they refer you to others? It means that you’re in demand, on a roll … you’re just on fire!!! This feeling of acknowledgement and praise is so rewarding that it is borderline addictive. This “addiction” isn’t always a bad thing because it will force you to push harder in maintaining your well deserved status.

Although I love encouraging & congratulating people who deserve it, I get the feeling that this mentality is getting lost somewhere and I don’t like it. I know that I can’t speak for ALL people when I say “everybody wants to be famous”, but nowadays it seems like stardom and fame is a creeping epidemic eating away at our youngsters. With reality shows and famous starlets like Kim Kardashian and that “Friday” girl (Youtube sensation), fame looks so easy to achieve. With reality TV,  Youtube, FB, Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest, how could anyone NOT get acknowledged for what they do or even say!

It’s as if everyone needkim-kardashian-39a328452-rebecca-blacks to CONSTANTLY be praised for everything they say or post and if they don’t they won’t feel acknowledged. But it’s not our fault! Ever since social media hit our homes we have this urgent need to post, post and post EVERY breath we take… I even feel the need to post every breath my cat takes…..creepy enough? Yes I’ll admit it, I have fallen victim to this trend too. Don’t feel bad or think that this is an attack on annoying Instagramers or Facebookers because I know I am one.

Social media  is very much a part of our culture ladies & gentlemen and it’s not always a bad thing. There is so much good in what social media has to offer, especially for artists! With this said, here is my problem: I think that this mentality has the potential to distract people from hard WORK! Being a zealot for instantaneous recognition makes people obsessed with what is being fed to their vulnerable ego! This makes people feel good, because they know that they have friends or likes.When things make us feel good we go back for more and this is a perfect recipe for addiction.

The tricky part is that people get stuck in this phase and don’t move forward! This perpetuates the  mentality that any young 15 year old talented and determined singer, is only as good as her last cute FB display pic! NO!! Do not get caught up or disillusioned because this is not how you will accomplish your dreams. Facebook and instagram pictures should not define or portray you as an artist. I feel like people jump 100 steps ahead to get to where they assume they should be. What I’m trying to say is that people forget to work and just want the prize. People are forgetting to be, oh hum…. wait what’s that word again? Realistic, hence the title dream real.  I am guilty of being a dreamer therefore I constantly put myself in check! I ask myself, “What do I want?”– and I retort with  “Um only to be a successful singer, songwriter, sell records, be incredibly fit & healthy, be a great mom, have a big family and a few cats”… Ok great, anything is possible right? But now what? whats next? How will I get there? what do I need do? YES these are the IMPORTANT questions to keep your self in check, determined and focused on the dream! Athletes don’t just wake up in the morning and say they wanna join the Olympics because they can and it’s easy! Unfortunately other art forms like music, dancing, comedy, acting has lost its value because of how social media effected the arts environment. Your dream should never follow the foot steps of a 5 minute trend! You need to value and cherish your dream with pride and joy and  by working very hard. Nothing comes easy, but when something comes your way it will feel so AMAZING knowing that you worked hard for it!

Think about it,  what’s better, listening to a timeless Beatles or Alicia keys tune, or that forgetful lackluster idol winner/ runner up?? What’s better, going on some crazy crash diet to lose wight only to gain back double what you lost? Or finding a healthy diet you are content with and never looking back on the old you? That’s it for now, I hope that this can help anyone reach their goal(s) in a different light! I can’t wait to continue talking about my experiences and lessons learned! Remember keep dreaming real:)


Have a great day.

Lots of love

Jessica Taddio 🙂